Key People

June 2021

Key People



NEIL LAUGHTON (Expedition Leader/Pilot) - aka El Capitan –Has a proven track record of organising and leading adventurous expeditions around the world including journeys to the Arctic Ocean, Amazon Jungles, Greenland Icecap, Sahara Desert, Antarctica and to the summits of the highest mountains on each of the 7 continents including Mt. Everest. Presented the Ness Award by the Royal Geographical Society in 2005 for “Leadership of Expeditions” and he is a qualified Para-glider, Para-motor, Helicopter and Fixed Wing pilot.


GILES CARDOZO (SkyCar Designer/Pilot) - aka The Boy Genius –The brainchild behind the Parajet SkyCar. An incredibly talented engineer who invented and piloted one of two Para-motor aircraft that flew over Mt. Everest, smashing the existing world altitude record by more than 10,000 ft. Founder and MD of Parajet which is at the cutting edge of personal aircraft flight and he has participated on flying expeditions with Neil to the Himalaya, The Alps and Venezuela.


TIM MAW (Second in Command) - aka The Competent Camper –A lifetime spent on two wheels with some incredible journeys on his CV – including London to Kathmandu, London to Cape Town via the Middle East and over a dozen overland expeditions all over the African continent. Also, with Neil, he became the first person to circumnavigate the UK on a jet-ski.

BEN GOTT (Man Truck Driver/SkyCar Mechanic) - aka Big Boy –Has spent much of his life Off Road participating in desert rallies and raids including 5 Dakar races in the Sahara. He has the knowledge and experience to keep our show on the road and as owner of one of the UK’s largest Independent Landrover Garages has the contacts to get us back on it from most situations!

DUNCAN MILLIGAN (Expedition Logistics Manager) - aka 2 Shirts –Has traveled extensively through Morocco, Mauritania and Mali, including visiting Tombouctou 4 times. Last winter he spent 4 months in the Sahara, including visiting the Festivals of the Desert and Niger River. Previous to that he had driven from the UK to Cameroon and back. His experience in driving and leading expeditions in South America, India, China, Tibet and Central Asia will stand him in good stead for the logistics of helping to move Skycar and the team through the challenges of West Africa.


JON HALL (Motorbike Support Rider) - aka Lawrence of Crewe –Experienced off-road motorcycle rider, having competed in Enduro and Trials competitions in the UK and ridden in excursions to the Sahara desert and Atlas mountains in Morocco.  Builds and sculpts automotive design prototypes for a living.


KIM VANDE VELDE (Expedition Co-ordinator/Translator) - aka Princess –One of the youngest members of the team and embarking on her first expedition, Kim is fluent in four languages including French and Spanish. She will be on hand to translate for the team as they travel through Europe and North Africa. Currently training as a solicitor, Kim will be relying on the skills she has developed to negotiate entry for the team into Morocco, Mauritania and Mali, which may prove tricky in the current political climate!


SIMON WESTMORE (Communication Expert/Paramotor Pilot) - aka Westy –After 9 years in the forces Simon is now a full time Paramotor Instructor and runs the paramotorclub website. He has recently organised the Tip to Tip 2008 where a team flew from Lands End to John O Groats (900 miles) by paramotor in the worst weather possible. Currently he is organising a Tip to Tip of Australia (2500 miles) in the middle of summer 2010. Simon aims to continue to fill his life with adventure, hence the SkyCar expedition.


ANDREW WIGGINS (Motorbike Support Rider) - aka Wiggy –A highly experienced adventurer with numerous arduous overland journeys under his belt including London to Cape Town by Motorbike and Landrover, Trans-America by motorcycle, crossing the Atlas Mountains by off-road motorbike and two wheel forays into the Sahara Desert on more than one occasion, with Neil trying to keep up!


SIMON TEMPLE (Film Maker) - aka Big T –Simon Temple is the expedition film maker  Having spent 10 years working worldwide as a heliski guide, and broadcast cameraman specialising in remote locations, he will bring the SkyCar story to the world

TOBY KILNER (Unimog Driver/SkyCar Mechanic) - aka Full English –A full time builder and part-time marine engineer with Seastart Marine
Assistance. Captain of the Boat Buoys for Scrapheap Challenge and Scrappy
Races as well as selected as an Icon of Scrapheap Challenge with the Bright
Sparks in 2007.  Competed in China in the International Strange Vehicle
Championships and recently supported two escort Mexico's in the East Africa
Safari Classic Rally.  Has travelled widely and includes endurance power
boat racing, banger racing, shooting and working a Brown Labrador as his

DANIEL MOFFAT (Medical Support) - aka Dexter –Dan is a Senior Cardiac Physiologist and a medical student at Barts and the Royal London.  Dan and his friend Luke Stallard drove from London to Timbuktu across the Sahara last year and plan their first mountain summit later in the year


MATTHEW MAYS (Driver/Mechanic Support) - aka Boat Boy –Matthew Mays, has had a lifetime of adventure on the water. The Sky Car expedition is expanding his life of adventure inland. He will be helping to ensure that our support trucks and bikes are maintained as well as helping with the driving.

And finally our film crew, Producer STEPHEN SHEARMAN (aka Filming, Wotever) and SIMON REAY (aka Fiddler on the Roof)