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July 2021

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Jackson Rowe


Jackson Rowe are delighted to be a passionate and proud major sponsor of the Skycar Expedition 2009. The Skycar team are an amazing group of guys truly dedicated to achieving their dream. The Jackson Rowe vision, that has no boundaries, has become a 20 year reality - no challenge is too great for Jackson Rowe. We are a leading force in the construction industry in the fields of Quantity Surveying Solutions, Commercial Management Solutions and Dispute & Claims Solutions. After 20 years of successful delivery of our services, we are thrilled to be part of the Skycar dream - onwards and upwards for Jackson Rowe and the Skycar!

It behoves a slightly quirky British bank with longstanding green credentials to associate with an idiosyncratic British undertaking with good green credentials - both enterprises rely on excellent
execution. Ultimately you can be green and not necessarily wear a hair shirt!

As part of our commitment to corporate social and environmental esponsibility, OPL are keen advocates of sustainability initiatives. With our close ties with clients in the aviation, transport and motor industries we are really happy to support revolutionary projects that explore alternative transport solutions and better ways to utilise our resources. Good luck to the Skycar Team.
Andrew Russell, Managing Director, OPL Group
Thanks for asking us to be sponsors, we hope you have a great journey!







Richard & Mike

Estate Insurance Group are pleased to be supporting pioneering new technology and look forward to your success! We will enjoy keeping in touch, with your journey in the development, and the journey to Timbuktu.
Estate Insurance Group

GarminC.Hoare and Co.






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